About Us

Keisha Cuffie is a published author, entrepreneur, artist, social justice activist and Black Canadian history educator. She is the CEO and Founder of iMelanin, a 100% black-owned business created to showcase representation in books, apparel and art. She currently sits on the board of directors for Black In Nature, a non-profit organization aimed at helping Black youth connect with each other and nature.
Her first book, D is for dazzling/D pour diamant was published in 2022. It focuses on diversity, inclusion & empowerment and addresses the lack of inclusive books by Black Canadian authors within child care settings, libraries and classrooms. Ms. Cuffie has 2 upcoming books schedules for release in 2023.

At the heart of all that we do is community. iMelanin gives back through local initiatives and charities while also working towards ending systemic racism by putting boots on the ground and representing our proud Black diaspora culture.
Our slogan, "Be Authentically You!", shows our commitment to help our brothers and sisters fight systemic racism and the oppressive nature that has been ingrained within medical, housing, government and social systems that have plagued our communities and way of life for far too long! Ms Keisha speaks passionately on social media and throughout the community on Black issues, particularly on the neglected area of Canadian Black History. 
iMelanin takes a percentage from every purchase* and puts that money to work within our Black communities! We provide annual reports in on our site under "How You Helped" which shows just where your money is helping those who most need it most - within our communities. 
Ms. Keisha's motto, "Education is only complete when it includes the shared experiences of ALL our joint histories", is the driving force behind her push to share Canadian Black history online. Each person deserves their space to grow in a society and environment that is free from prejudice. The only way that can happen is by using your voice to amplify and advocate for equity for yourself and others.
Grow. With. Us. 

*Book purchases excluded