About Us

iMelanin exists un the umbrella of the nonprofit organization Black Legacy Collective, a social enterprise aimed at ensuring "Black history is Accessible to All" and .

Keisha Cuffie, an author, entrepreneur, artist, and advocate for social justice and Black Canadian history, leads iMelanin as its founder. This enterprise, wholly Black-owned, highlights diverse representation in history, literature, clothing, and art. 

Ms. Cuffie is actively engaged in several community organizations. Her roles include:

  1. Former Board Member of Black In Nature Ottawa: Ms. Cuffie serves on the board of Black In Nature, an organization dedicated to bridging the gap between Black youth and the natural world. This organization focuses on creating opportunities for Black youth to connect with nature, fostering a sense of community, environmental awareness, and personal growth among children.

  2. Guest Blogger for Black Moms Connection: Ms Cuffie contributes as a guest blogger to Black Moms Connection, an online platform and community. Her role as a guest blogger allows her to engage with a broader audience, providing support, fostering connections, and discussing issues pertinent to the community of Black mothers.

  3. Volunteer with CAS: As a volunteer with the Children's Aid Society Ms. Cuffie hopes to foster positive interactions with youth in care, in a space typically over represented by children of colour. 

Her debut book, "D is for Dazzling/D pour Diamant," launched in 2022, and her next work, "I Am Victoria Lewis", available for Pre-Order Now. This book aims to fill the historical gap in children's literature of Black Canadians from the 1800's. Ms. Cuffie has several published works scheduled for 2024.

At iMelanin, we're dedicated to community engagement, supporting local initiatives, and challenging systemic racism to honour the vibrant Black diaspora.

"Be Authentically You!" encapsulates our pledge to assist in overcoming the systemic biases embedded in healthcare, housing, governance, and societal structures that have long affected our communities. Keisha fervently addresses Black issues, with a focus on the overlooked aspects of Canadian Black History, both online, within institutions and within the community.

iMelanin allocates a portion of our sales* to empower our Black communities. Our How You Helped page offers annual insights into how your contributions make a difference where it's needed most.

Keisha's guiding principle, "A complete education involves teaching history which involves our collective past," fuels her commitment to disseminating Canadian Black history online and in person. Everyone should have the opportunity to thrive in a world devoid of discrimination and one of the ways towards achieving this begins with raising our voices for equity for ourselves and others.

Join us in growth.

*Book purchases excluded, books are given instead of a financial contribution.